Our Story
Lela & Tommy met in July of 2008. Tommy had just moved out to California, and during a panel interview for an Email Marketing position with Experian, Tommy happened to be sitting across the table from his future wife! He's still convinced Lela gave the 'OK' to hire him based on his stunning Irish looks, but either way, this eneded up being the first time they met!

Tommy had told his brother, Kevin, and his cousin, Brian about Lela. Both of them thought Tommy should ask her out. So after about a month of working together, on September 10th, 2008, Tommy invited Lela to grab drinks in downtown Huntington Beach. They met at a sushi bar called "Tuna Town" (owned by the drummer from KoRN - Where else would Tommy bring a first date?!). After a fun night of dinner & drinks, the two of them continued to hang out after work every night... for the next 3 years!!

After nearly three years of dating, and nine months living together, Tommy brought Lela out to Catalina Island. Lela had no idea what was in store for her that weekend! On the first day they were there, Tommy drove Lela up to the cliffs overlooking all of Avalon & Lover's Cove. It was at this incredible spot that Tommy got down on one knee and asked Lela to marry him!
Lela & Tommy out in LA in 2008
Lela's first trip to NY - Thanksgiving 2008
Tommy & Lela at the track with the Mustang in 2008
Mets Dodgers in 2009
Kevin, Lisa, Tommy & Lela. Our Best man & Maid of Honor meet for the first time in summer 2009!
Tommy & Jojo in Disneyland
Summer in Southold 2009
Christmas in NY 2009
Jordan waking Tommy up!
San Diego Zoo 2010
Lela & Tommy in Spokane for Tua's wedding - 2010
Lela caught the bouqet!
Lela & Tommy at Erin's wedding - 2010
Tommy & Lela seeing Korn! Summer 2010
Halloween 2010! (Aliens & Rockstars!)
Lela's 30th birthday in Vegas!
Lela & Annabella - 2011
Newly Engaged!!! July 8th, 2011
Cruising around Catalina!

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